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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

How many signs do you have posted to advertise your business? Do you promote special offers or services throughout the year? Failure to place signs around your neighborhood can cost you many potential customers. On my site you will find some tips for designing your signs, placing the signs effectively and deciding what to advertise on your signs. By the time you have finished reading through the content on my site, you will have a great idea of what you need to do to create an effective signage marketing campaign for your business. Hopefully, you will experience the same level of success that I have.


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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

Four Things A New Real Estate Agent Needs To Know About Signs

by Jo Fisher

If you just got your real estate license and are planning to start as an independent agent or you are leaving a real estate company to start your own business, then you will need many things as an independent business person. One thing you will need are signs. The following are a few things you should know about them.

You need to brand yourself first

Before you order your first sign, you need to create a brand. This may be a logo, or it may be a logo combined with your company name or your own name. This latter option is popular if you are a one person operation. Branding is important because it helps people remember a company or a person. A good brand will stay with a person. As a real estate agent, you may consider using a small, professional photo, then perhaps a logo. This should always be used along with your phone number and website address. You should use all of this in your advertisements, business cards, and the signs you will need to buy.

You will need yard signs

You know what these are because you have seen them in front of houses, and if you worked for a real estate company in the past, you have probably used them before. You will need at least one For Sale sign, and you will likely need an Open House sign. These signs should be large enough to fit all of the information discussed above. Since you are just starting out, you should purchase the less expensive metal frames that your sign attaches to. They are easy to push into the ground and easily removed. There are post signs that are attractive, but these types must be installed, and you will likely need to pay someone to do the work.

You may also want to consider a feather flag sign

These signs are shaped like a feather and stand taller than a man. They push into the ground easily, so you can install them yourself. You can create an enticing message, and in addition, they will flutter when the wind blows. These signs are excellent for an open house.

You should have an indoor sign

Signs are not just for the outdoors. This is especially true if you have an open house. You want to have a sign that is easily seen by everyone who enters the home. It can be at ground level or perhaps one that sits on a counter. You can also display pamphlets or business cards that people can take with them if they want to contact you later.

Being an independent real estate agent means always promoting yourself and the properties that your are selling. One of the most important ways to do this is through signage. But always brand yourself and your business as you use signs.