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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

How many signs do you have posted to advertise your business? Do you promote special offers or services throughout the year? Failure to place signs around your neighborhood can cost you many potential customers. On my site you will find some tips for designing your signs, placing the signs effectively and deciding what to advertise on your signs. By the time you have finished reading through the content on my site, you will have a great idea of what you need to do to create an effective signage marketing campaign for your business. Hopefully, you will experience the same level of success that I have.


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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

Two Reasons Why Your Business Should Utilize Breakaway Sign Posts

by Jo Fisher

The signage at your place of business is one of the most important aspects of your company. The signs in front of your establishment instruct visitors on where to park to reach certain parts of the facility and also help to maintain order in the parking lot. As vital as the signs are, the method you choose to post the signs with is just as critical. That's why breakaway sign posts are such a great choice. Just as the name states, breakaway sign posts are designed to break away the moment they are struck. Learning more about the benefits of breakaway sign posts can help you see why you should utilize them at your place of business.

Breakaway Sign Posts Are Easy to Reinstall

It's nearly inevitable that someone will plow into one of the signs on your property. If you have steel posts that are bolted into the ground, you may need to hire a professional to come out and re-post the sign. In the meantime, you have an unsightly sign lying on the ground, and your customers may find it difficult to navigate their way around your building because the sign has come down.

When you have breakaway signs, you won't need expensive or complicated tools to stand the post back aright. There are holes all alongside the breakaway post, so no matter where the sign breaks, there is an opening for you to fasten the bolt back through with a basic screwdriver.

Breakaway Sign Posts Can Help to Minimize Liability

Another reason why it's such a good idea to use breakaway sign posts is because they can help to minimize the liability risk that your business has to deal with. This can be absolutely invaluable since a substantial lawsuit could place your company in financial ruin.

If someone strikes a sign on your property that isn't hung with a breakaway post, they could be severely injured by the impact. Since the accident happened on your property, the person injured might sue to cover their medical expenses.

However, when you have breakaway sign posts, even if a driver happens to strike the post, the post will give way so that the impact can hopefully not be as serious as it would be in other cases.

Choosing breakaway sign posts for your business could prove to be a very wise decision. Hang your signage with breakaway sign posts today so you can enjoy these terrific benefits.