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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

How many signs do you have posted to advertise your business? Do you promote special offers or services throughout the year? Failure to place signs around your neighborhood can cost you many potential customers. On my site you will find some tips for designing your signs, placing the signs effectively and deciding what to advertise on your signs. By the time you have finished reading through the content on my site, you will have a great idea of what you need to do to create an effective signage marketing campaign for your business. Hopefully, you will experience the same level of success that I have.


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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

Designing The Perfect Baby Shower Banner

by Jo Fisher

If you are putting together a baby shower you will have a lot to think about with regards to decorations. However, one of the most important decorations of all will be a banner. The banner will set the tone for the baby shower and welcome everyone to it. When you are designing the banner, you want to come up with the best one for the shower you are throwing by considering the advice in this article.

Choose the right size

The banner should be large enough to spread across the main area of the shower and be seen from everywhere in the room. The banner's width should complement its length.

Choose the right design

Most of the time people will go with traditional rectangular shaped banners. However, you can go with other shapes if you feel they will work out better for the baby shower you are throwing. You can design a banner in which each word is on a separate shape, such as a balloon, a building block, an animal shape or any other shape you feel goes with the theme of your baby shower.

Choose the right colors

Most baby showers are blue for boys and pink for girls. However, you can also go with a variety of pastels. If you like the idea of going non-traditional or if the parents aren't sure what the gender of their baby is, then greens, yellows or any other pastels can be used.

Include the theme on the banner

If the baby shower has a particular theme, such as ducks or teddy bears, then you should also depict ducks or teddy bears on the banner. Since it is the largest decoration and in most cases the first one that guests notice, making the theme obvious on it can set the stage for the whole shower.

Use the right font

While it can be fun to get creative with the font you choose for the banner, this can also cause you to end up with a banner that your guests have a hard time reading. The font can be a rounder and softer style so it goes with the baby shower theme, but it should not be in cursive or a very fancy style.

Once you have the perfect baby shower banner designed, you want to display it front and center so all your guests can enjoy it. The banner will also make a great keepsake for the expected parents. For more information, contact a company like Genesis Signs