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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

How many signs do you have posted to advertise your business? Do you promote special offers or services throughout the year? Failure to place signs around your neighborhood can cost you many potential customers. On my site you will find some tips for designing your signs, placing the signs effectively and deciding what to advertise on your signs. By the time you have finished reading through the content on my site, you will have a great idea of what you need to do to create an effective signage marketing campaign for your business. Hopefully, you will experience the same level of success that I have.


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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

3 Creative Ways To Draw In Sunday Crowds

by Jo Fisher

If you are the pastor or on the leadership team at your church and are looking for marketing ideas and ways to draw in people to your service, here are three creative ways to do it.

Church Signs

This is a great way to get the attention of passersby. This can be especially effective if your church is by a stop sign or stoplight. For pedestrians needing to wait to cross the street or drivers sitting at the stoplight bored out of their mind, signs can offer them something to read. Another advantage to using church signs to promote your church is that they can be changed from week to week. This is especially important if you want to promote different messages for various holidays and events.

While using church signs can be fun and effective, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid "fire and brimstone" language that might turn people off.
  • Keep it short, simple and to the point.
  • Think twice about using jokes or messages with questionable humor.

You can visit DeMars Signs to design and purchase an appropriate church sign.

Rear Window Decals

Stickers or decals on the windows of your vehicle or the vehicles of your parishioners offer a mobile way to advertise your church. Rear window decals are strategically placed on the back window as a way to attract the attention of people stopped behind you in the flow of traffic or people passing by your vehicle in a parking lot.

To get the most of using rear window decals, make sure they are colorful and that they don't contain too much information. It's also important to make sure they contain the most vital information. If someone sees it while driving, they might not be able to write down the information so make sure the decal something that is easy to remember.


Word of mouth is a great form of advertising but even better is when someone from church can hand the person they are talking to a postcard highlighting important information such as:

  • Website
  • Service times
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

When a person receives a postcard, having a visual of the information instead of just hearing it, will help them to remember the details better. Whether someone is talking to their neighbor, hair stylist, the barista at the local coffee shop, or standing in line at the grocery store, a postcard is an easy and convenient way to invite someone to church.

These are just three easy, creative ways to try to increase attendance and make more people aware of what's happening at church.