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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

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how to promote your business with a signage campaign

Make Sure You Use The Right Cleaning Agents On Your Acrylic Sign

by Jo Fisher

If you use an acrylic sign to advertise your business, it is important that you use the right cleaning agents on your sign. The wrong cleaning agents will damage your sign, and you will have to pay for a replacement long before one is due.

Washing Your Acrylic Sign

All you need to wash your acrylic sign is a bucket full of warm water and a clean, non-lint cloth. Use the wet cloth to gently wipe away any dirt that is on the surface of your sign. Make sure the cloth is wet; if it is dry, it will just smear the dirt around. Be sure to rinse out the cloth as you clean your sign.

If your sign is a little dirtier than normal, you can add a little bit of soap to the warm water. A mild cleaning soap, such as the one you use on your hands, is all you need. The key is to keep it simple with the soaps. If you cannot reach your sign, a pressure washer will get the job done just as well.

Drying Your Acrylic Sign

You will need a couple clean, microfiber cloths, to dry off your sign. The best way to dry your sign is to use the clothes to gently blot away the water.

Cleaning Agents To Avoid

You do not need to use harsh cleaning agents on your acrylic sign. Using harsh cleaning agents will actually cause damage to your sign. Do not use any cleaning agents that list ammonia among the ingredients. The ammonia will take off the images and wording on your sign. Ammonia will also damage the surface of your sign.

You should also try to avoid any other cleaning agent that contains strong chemicals, such as glass cleaners. You should even avoid using your grease-fighting dish soap on the sign. The agents in these cleaners will break down the paint on your sign.

If you really feel like you need a stronger cleaning agent to get your sign clean, look for cleaning agents that specifically state that they are safe for use on acrylic. You can find these types of cleaners at a home improvement store or through an online retailer. You may also want to talk to a manufacturer, like Hightech Signs, to see what is safe for your specific sign.

The key to cleaning your acrylic sign is to keep it simple, and use water and mild soap only when necessary. Harsh chemicals will ruin the integrity and diminish the life-span of your sign.